Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Time

Some people may say that attending university in America is very much like being a full time athlete for 4 or 5 years. Well, right now, I am training, eating, sleeping and playing some Xbox too. I can now say that I do know what it is like to live as a full time athlete, and honestly I don't like it! Don't be stupid and believe that, I absolutely love it and there is nothing better in the world right now than just to run and chill and not have to worry about school work.

As I said in my previous blog my next race is the first round of the NCAA which is in Oregon this coming weekend. We are now within one week of the competition starting and exactly one week today (Saturday) until I race. As I said previously there are two regions and to make it in your event you have to be in the top 48 of your region. This year the times were roughly the same as they have been for the last couple of years. It is quite interesting to think that some of times you have to run just to make the first round are basically quick enough to put you in the top 20 in the UK! Its not that the UK is bad or that the NCAA is much quicker it is just that there is a lot more depth in the NCAA system. I always look at it and think how deep it is and how unbelievably good the collegiate system is over here. Here are the times that you had to run to make it into the west region.
800m - 1.50.11
1500m - 3.47.58
5000m -14.09.71
10000m - 30.01.31
3000m s/c - 9.04.98
The above times don't sound too crazy, but if you were to look at the other 47 times above those times you will see the depth. Find the West Region Entry Lists Here

This year we (Oklahoma State) have a good number of athletes who are traveling to Eugene to compete at the first round. We had 8 male athletes and 6 female athletes qualify.
On the men's side we have:
Raul - 1500
Stubbs - 1500
German - 1500
Shane - 1500
Taylor - 3km s/c
Me - 5km
Colby - 10km
Andrew - Discus
Taylor - High Jump
On the women's side we have:
Natalja - 800
Mihaela - 1500
Tone - 10km
Fliss - 10km
Brooke - Discus
Clarissa - Triple Jump

On both sides by far the luckiest athlete was Shane, who was sitting in 77th in the region, people dropped out like myself and chose to do different events. He ended up being 47th on the list and secured his spot on the plane to Eugene. I am extremely happy for him and being able to gain this much experience in only his freshmen year puts him in good stead in years to come.

Thats all I have really got for you this time. Next time I will give you more of an update regarding my training and what I have been doing recently.

Thanks for reading muggles (currently watching Harry Potter!)


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  1. Hey Tom, enjoy reading your blog. Here's a link to the complete OSU notes for the event if anyone wants to check them out! -